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Take a project to the highest possible level with more resources and skills.
Time for Primaplan, specialist in project control for over 30 years.

This is Primaplan

Whether we deploy our professionals on a secondment basis or on a permanent basis, Primaplan is a strategic partner committed to optimizing your processes. Our professionals are experts in project control.

From planning management to risk management, at Primaplan you will find the expertise your project needs. Primaplan provides the perfect match.

Our values

Our project professionals are our ambassadors. They are the embodiment of the Primaplan story, and our commitment to shared values of transparency, a drive to succeed and loyalty.

We act accordingly, day in, day out.

Transparent - we are open and honest in what we do. Furthermore, we listen and create realistic expectations.

Driven - we work proactively, looking ahead to ensure the project remains on track. We continue to develop our skills and experience.

Loyal - we are dedicated to achieving a successful project outcome. We keep our promises and aim to build lasting relationships.

Our values

Where we come from

Our history

We are 30 years old. Still quite young, our organisation has developed from a small contractor of project planners and distributor of project software to a strategic advisor for integrated project control, and we are still developing. We have the drive, energy and enthusiasm, together with the extensive knowledge and broad project experience needed to realise our ambitions as a leader in the field of project management.


After several years of experience as a project planner, Jan Maronier founded his first company: Primaplan PCS becomes a reality.


Primaplan Project Software Development joins Primaplan Project Control Services in the holding company.


The Betuweroute project comes our way. An infrastructure project of unprecedented scope, in which we collaborate with ProRail, Arcadis and others.


Founder Jan Maronier steps down. Bram König becomes Managing Director


The start of the transformation into Primaplan. In the following years, the organisation grows from 25 people to more than 70.


Primaplan 2.0 takes shape. Under Wilco Keijzers, Primaplan develops into a strategic partner in project management.


Primaplan launches its new corporate identity.


Primaplan remains ambitious. We’re reserving space here for the next milestone.

Introducing Primaplan

We are Primaplan. A team of project experts who enjoy their work. We are dedicated and committed to your project aims.

Emma van Loon

Emma van Loon

Teamlead | Project Professional

Daniël Kluinhaar

Daniël Kluinhaar

Project Professional

Patrick van Weerdenburg

Patrick van Weerdenburg

Delivery Manager

Gijs Hazelhorst

Gijs Hazelhorst

Project Professional

We're making a difference

From the petrochemical industry to the construction industry, Primaplan creates project solutions in various sectors.

These organisations already work with Primaplan.9


In het verleden lag de focus bij onze projecten rondom reparaties van onze schepen voornamelijk op de scope en het budget, maar niet zozeer op het tijdsaspect. Als een schip uit docking kwam moet het 100% technisch in orde zijn, onafhankelijk van de benodigde tijd. Dit maakt het echter lastig om met meer zekerheid een einddatum te kunnen communiceren naar onze stakeholders. De inzet van Primaplan was van grote waarde om het aspect tijd te bewaken en de knelpunten te detecteren zodat het team kan bijsturen daar waar nodig. Met de dynamische planning van Primaplan konden we bottlenecks beter detecteren en hierop inspelen. Het werk van de project professional heeft écht de meerwaarde laten zien van het werken met een planning en daarom uiteindelijk bij veel mensen de ogen geopend.

Johan Barbaix

We have a long-term relationship with Primaplan. They supply highly motivated and very good planners. Several Primaplan planners have been working within the various Offshore Energy Business Units for some years, both in tenders and projects. In my experience, the Primaplan team deployments have always gone well; and are mainly characterised by short lines of communication and quick response times.

Nieke Sterkman

Nieke Sterkman

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.

Damen Naval has added a Primaplan professional to our team of project planners. The intensive training plan for Primaplan employees fits well with Damen Naval's vision and policy on project planning and control. We have a good working relationship with the planner who is working as part of an interdisciplinary team to achieve challenging milestones on a new build project.

Ricardo van Lunteren

Ricardo van Lunteren

Damen Naval

What’s important during a turnaround is correct feedback on the project status, so that planning can be adjusted if necessary. Previously, this was done in a daily status meeting, which took too much time for each person to report their progress. Primaplan's StatusQuo software allows those responsible to report jobs online during the course of the day, giving the planner more time to assess the impact on the turnaround schedule and allowing the status meeting to focus only on problem areas and finding solutions. Time savings, increased efficiency and effectiveness were the positive results of using StatusQuo during our last turnaround.

Nicolas Grisolia

Lanxess nv

For a major turnaround at the Maasvlakte site, we called in Primaplan's expertise for project planning. The specialist was critical, took the lead, made the necessary adjustments and was eager to make improvements. All in all, a perfect addition to the project team!

Janwillem van der Voordt

Janwillem van der Voordt


Two Primaplan employees are currently actively working on projects at Bluewater, to great success. What distinguishes Primaplan, and gives it added value compared to temporary staff agencies, is the fact that there is a Primaplan office that can provide support for specific planning, technical or software system questions. In addition, communication with Primaplan is always pleasant and transparent.

Daniel Idzerda

Daniel Idzerda


For one of our projects we were looking for professionals with experience with Primavera P6. Our team lead of the planning department knew that Primaplan is an expert in this field. And that turned out to be the case. The professionals of Primaplan more than lived up to expectations. Thanks to Primaplan, we use all the functionalities of the planning software and our investment in Primavera pays off. The project planners know what they are talking about and are extremely enthusiastic. Moreover, the cooperation with our team went perfectly. In addition to the hard skills, the soft skills of the Primaplanners are also good. They communicated clearly and were really part of our project team. I would definitely recommend Primaplan to others. Especially when it comes to the Primavera knowledge. And I myself would like to work with Primaplan again in the future. Also for other project disciplines. Primaplan is now the preferred supplier for me when it comes to project control management.

Frans Laermans

Frans Laermans