A trainee has a say

The first month at Primaplan

Four times a year, Primaplan starts a special training programme for a select number of starters/trainees who want to develop into specialist skills in the field of project management. Maaike followed this training programme. When colleagues asked her about the programme she said "I am extremely happy that I decided to take up a traineeship at Primaplan and feel very confident in my abilities as a project professional.

Maaike Adema

Maaike Adema


"As a freshly graduated designer, I entered the job market," Maaike begins. I was looking for something within my field, but I found something else. I saw a vacancy for a Project Professional at Primaplan. It seemed like a job that would suit me, so I decided to give it a try. I contacted Primaplan and was invited for an introductory meeting. After which I became even more enthusiastic about the position. On top of that, I was impressed with the company and wanted to join them. A month later I was part of the September 2021 class."

First day

"With some excitement, I walked into Primaplan's training room on my first day. I recognised a few faces from my interview and was welcomed with open arms by the trainers. After the other two trainees, Gerben and Mohamed, had arrived, we started with a round of introductions. It turned out I was not the only one with a different professional background, and that reassured me."

In the afternoon, an excursion was on the programme. "We feasted our eyes on the Rotterdam harbour with its gigantic ships and tanks," continues Maaike. "Trainer Michel proudly told us about the tank storage project in the port he is working on. We couldn't ask for a better example of project management in action."

The training

"The rest of the first month was all about training. And although there was overlap with what I had already mastered, there was a lot of new information as well.

After the instructive courses on Network Planning, Primavera and MS Project, we started working on a case study. You work as a planner on a fictitious project and your colleagues fulfil different roles. Over the next two weeks you apply your new planning skills and learn an awful lot. What exactly do you learn? I am not giving that away. Trainees can discover that for themselves.


"All in all, my first period at Primaplan was very enjoyable and educational. It felt like a warm and welcoming training environment. Everyone is ready to help. And the Primaplanners are not afraid to challenge you. You are given responsibility and there is plenty of room to develop. They are also open to suggestions. Primaplan does everything in its power to help you grow in the organisation. This makes you feel very involved in Primaplan as a project professional.

"After this first period, I can conclude that the learning curve is very steep indeed. I can now discuss subjects that I had never heard of a few weeks ago. For example, I will never look at a building site in the same way again, because I now know how much work is involved in such a project."

En now?

"Everything I have learned; I can now apply in the field. Several colleagues have already told me a lot about the working on projects, so I know what it will be like. The variety in activities suits me especially well. One moment you're working in a large port, the next you're on a factory building site. That is why you are constantly challenged to learn new things. I am extremely happy that I dared to take that leap and join Primaplan. Although the traineeship did not directly fit in with my education, it did fit me as a person. I would definitely recommend it to others.

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