Planning audit

Does your planning meet the quality standard?

Quality is Primaplan's most important pillar. Our professionals excel in quality management. We feel fully responsible for everything we do related to your projects management goals. This is how we are able to guarantee the quality of a project and make that quality demonstrable.

Research shows that there is a strong relationship between the quality of project planning and project results. The Primaplan Planning Audit gives you an insight into the planning quality and how you can improve it.

Reliable and predictable project planning

Reliable and predictable project planning is a critical factor in project success. Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between the quality of project planning and result of the project. Reliable planning indicates, among other things, the correct order for project priorities. With this order of priorities set out clearly, the project team is able to focus on delivering the project successfully, within the specified completion date. The better the planning, the better the execution.

The Primaplan Planning Audit is a structured, plan-based method of control and verification that examines whether your projects plan, along with its supporting documents and reports - meets Primaplan's quality standard. This quality standard is based on the PMI-SP of the Project Management Institute and Primaplan's many years of experience.


Damen Naval has added a Primaplan professional to our team of project planners. The intensive training plan for Primaplan employees fits well with Damen Naval's vision and policy on project planning and control. We have a good working relationship with the planner who is working as part of an interdisciplinary team to achieve challenging milestones on a new build project.

Ricardo van Lunteren

Ricardo van Lunteren

Damen Naval

For a major turnaround at the Maasvlakte site, we called in Primaplan's expertise for project planning. The specialist was critical, took the lead, made the necessary adjustments and was eager to make improvements. All in all, a perfect addition to the project team!

Janwillem van der Voordt

Janwillem van der Voordt


Two Primaplan employees are currently actively working on projects at Bluewater, to great success. What distinguishes Primaplan, and gives it added value compared to temporary staff agencies, is the fact that there is a Primaplan office that can provide support for specific planning, technical or software system questions. In addition, communication with Primaplan is always pleasant and transparent.

Daniel Idzerda

Daniel Idzerda