Risk management

Estimate the project risks correctly and stay on track

There will be many uncertainties that occur during the execution of your project. Unfortunately, you cannot predict them all but you can think through some possible scenarios, this is part of what we can do for you. After all, you don't want your project to be delayed and you certainly don't want it to go over budget.

This is why we identify all potential risks at an early stage, prioritise them and define appropriate control measures. This allows us to take both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses into account and focus on reporting the greatest risks to the project.

Risk management is a continuous process, Primaplan supports you every step of the way from A to Z.

Risk analysis

Our risk analysis will greatly increase your project's chance of success. Despite all the proper preparations, every project runs the risk of failing. How can you minimize the risks? With Primaplan's risk analysis, you are well prepared to respond effectively.


Two Primaplan employees are currently actively working on projects at Bluewater, to great success. What distinguishes Primaplan, and gives it added value compared to temporary staff agencies, is the fact that there is a Primaplan office that can provide support for specific planning, technical or software system questions. In addition, communication with Primaplan is always pleasant and transparent.

Daniel Idzerda

Daniel Idzerda


We have a long-term relationship with Primaplan. They supply highly motivated and very good planners. Several Primaplan planners have been working within the various Offshore Energy Business Units for some years, both in tenders and projects. In my experience, the Primaplan team deployments have always gone well; and are mainly characterised by short lines of communication and quick response times.

Nieke Sterkman

Nieke Sterkman

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.

Damen Naval has added a Primaplan professional to our team of project planners. The intensive training plan for Primaplan employees fits well with Damen Naval's vision and policy on project planning and control. We have a good working relationship with the planner who is working as part of an interdisciplinary team to achieve challenging milestones on a new build project.

Ricardo van Lunteren

Ricardo van Lunteren

Damen Naval

We wanted to be sure that our project planning was operating efficiently. How reliable is it? Do our documents and reports meet the project’s quality requirements? We opted for an internal audit by Primaplan and were delighted with the results. The Primaplan employee assigned to us acted professionally and quickly. The result was a clear report with some very useful feedback. The tips we received during the audit were concrete and directly applicable. We put them into practice immediately. This lifted our project planning to a higher level, and we are now better prepared to handle new projects. Having experienced the positive effects of the audit, we can heartily recommend Primaplan's internal audit. Primaplan assesses both the planning itself and the processes surrounding it. After the audit, you will know exactly how to best structure your planning. The better your planning, the better the execution of the project will be.

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