Try & hire

No time-consuming recruitment campaigns, but assured delivery of quality professionals

Do you want a project professional for the long term, but are still struggling with the uncertainties of hiring someone directly? Or do you have no time for an extensive recruitment and selection process?

In that case, our Try & hire service offers a solution. In this solution, we combine secondment with recruitment and selection. Primaplan knows how to put the right person in the right place. When you find a match, the candidate enters permanent employment after the agreed secondment period. You enrich your organisation with a new employee, while the employer risks during the secondment period are minimal.

Well-qualified candidates

Primaplan's Try & hire services relieve you of the burden of a time-consuming recruitment campaign, while ensuring that you have highly qualified candidates available for open positions. The progress of your projects is not affected. At the same time, Primaplan provides adequate training programmes so that the candidate is immediately equipped with the right skills and knowledge. This is further supported through senior supervision by a mentor.

Needs and competencies

Finding the right Primaplanner begins before any thought is given to recruitment and selection. Primaplan makes an inventory of the level of your needs and types of competences required. This is followed by recruitment and selection. Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, we are able to select the right candidate 90% of the time. For the remaining 10 percent, the selected candidate is invited for an interview with you, the client.

Good planning

Next, an arrangement is made for the duration of the Try & hire. Primaplan recommends one year. During this period, the candidate will follow 75% of the total training programme Primaplan uses for its own employees. This programme also includes a quality check. In this way, all parties involved can be sure that qualitatively sound planning is delivered in line with Primaplan's quality standard.

Our quality standard

The Primaplan quality standard comprises the following points:

  • Recruitment and selection take place according to the job profiles approved by the client.
  • Training programme, 1 month of internal training, 8 in-depth evenings in the following 4 months, knowledge sharing through follow-up evenings.
  • Gaining experience through the guidance of a Senior or Lead Project Professional
  • The quality of a planning is tested by in-depth "audits".

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